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Frequently Asked Questions

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How much will my shutters cost?
There are two ways of knowing how much your shutters will cost, as follows:
Quote based on our measurements
We come to your house and take accurate measurements. Normally, we leave you with a written quote.
You can contact us on 1300 898 791 or at caseyshutters@gmail.com and we will book an appointment to come to you house. Alternatively, you can use our request of quote service and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
Quote based on the customer measurements
Either measures your rough window dimensions and contacts us on 1300 898 791 or at caseyshutters@gmail.com and we can provide an immediate ball park quote.
Do you provide free quotes?
We provide free in-home quotes as long as you are in our service area. We cover Melbourne as well as surrounding areas. Outside this area, we will require a small trip charge which can be waived with your purchase. If you are not sure, please call us.
What is the warranty on your shutters?
Casey Blinds and shutters have 5 year warranty that covers structural and manufacturing faults. It also covers the installation itself.
Where can I see samples of the shutters?
Our friendly team will bring the samples to you in a sample box. Alternatively, you can visit our supplier’s showroom in Melbourne area.
Can you match my paint?
Yes! Casey Blinds and shutters will use any paint or stain that the customer specifies, regardless of brand or formula. If that information is not available, we will custom-match the paint or stain of your choice.
What kind of wood do you use?
We use Basswood for its proven stability. Basswood has been used for shutters for decades and is an excellent choice for shutters. The characteristics of Basswood have met our high standards in taking a beautiful finish and providing excellent durability to satisfy our client’s needs.
What is the lead time ?
The lead time is approximately 6-8 weeks from the date of order confirmation/receipt of deposit for standard shutters and 2-3 weeks for Blinds.Special shapes and custom colour matches will add to the lead time. Lead times can be confirmed by the office once your order is placed.
Can the lead-time be speeded up?
The shutters are made in within 2 or 3 days of order, however they have to be shipped back to the Australia and it is this that takes the time.
How long do shutters take to install?
Most installations are completed in one day, however, it depends on the size of the order and a very small percentage will take 2 days. Casey Blinds and shutters installers are employees instead of subcontractors. The installers are paid by the hour and not the job in order to insure they install the job properly without rushing on to the next one.
Can I put your shutters in a wet area?
Absolutely. PVC plantation shutters are water proof and we have fitted many PVC shutters in bathrooms and wash rooms
What is the payment system?
Terms - for Supply and installation 50% of the monies being due on the day of order, with the balance due in shutter or blind installation. Monies may be paid by cash or debit card. Should you wish to pay by Mastercard or Visa, there is an additional 2.5% charge on the balance.
How much are the plantation shutters going to cost?
Plantation shutters add value to your home and will make you and your family far more comfortable. They average about $300 per squre meter after the promotional offers. It is difficult to estimate specialty shaped windows, so it's best to call your dealer or designer and have them measure these for you for an accurate estimate.
Do plantation shutters increase the value of your home?
Plantation Shutters help in two ways. They increase the curb-appeal on any home and likely increase the number of people who will consider purchasing. It's also been estimated that they will increase your home appraisal value by several percentage points.
What type of maintenance should I expect?
We use the highest quality paints and clear coats. Maintenance would be the same for your shutters as it is for your window sills. Typical maintenance is occasional. Lamb's wool dusters work very well for dusting. Once a year, you may need to use a damp cloth. Otherwise, our shutters are built to last a lifetime.